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    My name is Horacio Lopez, NTS.

    I introduced T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Chi Kung to the  San Antonio community in 1979 . Since then I have been teaching only Classical, Traditional forms of this Art.

    This site is dedicated to the promotion of Classical T’ai Chi Ch’uan and related Chi Kung practices (Also spelled Taijiquan and Qigong); and the integration of these Arts with cutting edge technologies in the fields of Neuromovement (Anat Baniel Method), Moshe Feldenkrais’ Awarenes through Movement, Somatics and Alexander Technique.

    I teach Classes on Northern -or Beijing -Wu Style  Taijiquan.

My lineage is from the Yin Cheng Gong Fa Door. My Shifu is Shifu Zhang Yun, a disciple of Masters Luo Shuhuan and of Grand Master Wang Peisheng.

    I graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 1988. (Natural Therapeutics Specialist)

    I created the first Yang Chengfu T’ai Chi Ch’uan Center in the USA in 1995.  I served between 2000 - 2005 as Director of the Department of Ranking Standards and Coaching of the International Yang Family T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association.


Classical T’ai Chi Ch’uan:

The Internal Exercise /Martial Art of T’ai Chi Ch’uan is a Holistic discipline grounded in the Philosophy of the “Unity of Opposites”, or YinYang. YinYang together is T’ai Chi. T’ai Chi is Balance.           

T’ai Chi Ch’uan’s translated name - Balanced Fist - relates to the harmonious balancing of Yin/Yang energies in the body through Movement, Attention and Awareness.

This is an invitation to investigate Movement and Awareness and their relationship to Perception, Thought, Attention, Insight, and Consciousness, and how these core topics can advance individual development of alertness, clarity of thought, grace in movement, Health and Wholeness.

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Classical T’ai Chi Ch’uan Click

    This IS NOT SIMPLIFIED Tai Chi spiced up with New Age Jargon...

    Classical T’ai Chi Ch’uan is the TCC from China, before the Cultural revolution. It is based on the writings called “T’ai Chi Ch’uan Classics”.

There are five core Classics: these are...Click here

My T’ai Chi Ch’uan journey began in 1975. I have been very fortunate to study under several Grand Masters  who are recognized worldwide as the best exponents of their Lineage/Tradition. They are -chronologically:

  1. *   William C.C.Chen: Yang Style

  2. *   Kuo Lienying: Kwang Ping Yang Style

  3. *   Bruce Frantzis: Wu Style & Nei Kung 

  4. *   Madame Wang Jurong: Sun Style

  5. *   Yang Zhenduo - 4th generation

     descendant Yang Family

  1. *   Wang Peisheng - 4th generation

     Lineage holder: Northern Wu Style

  1. *   Zhang Yun, Disciple of Grand Master   Wang Peisheng. is my current Teacher.

    Shifu Zhang is the President of the Yin Cheng Gong Fa Association - North American Headquarters.


Top, left corner: Dajia Wang Peisheng in his visit to the USA in 1993

Center:  Front, Dajia Wang Peisheng with Master Luo Shuhuan; standing behind them: Indor disciples Shifu Zhang Yun and Lu Shengli.

Top, right corner: Shifu Zhang Yun and new disciple Lu Ruiting - Horacio Lopez

Left column: Shifu Zhang Yun with Taiji saber, Horacio Lopez with Masters Kuo Lienyin, William Chen, Yang Zhenduo and Dong Zhencheng